I Am What a Wealthy Woman Looks Like

About twice a year, I find myself climbing a wave of positive mindset potential, and I try to ride it like I'm channeling Duke Kahanamoku on any average Tuesday. These periods of self-exploration usually coincide with someone's free 5-day workshop, and for some reason the leaders of said workshops are usually blonde and bubbly and... Continue Reading →

Money Flows to Me

Every so often the planets align (or something; I don't know, I'm not a planetologist!) and I move into a woo phase, during which I become convinced that I can manifest all of my wildest dreams. Or, at least a bigger paycheck. If you've read any of my older musings you might remember something I... Continue Reading →

It’s Me, Hi.

Goodness gracious, it's been a minute. (Do the kids still say that? Or the adults, even?). Last time I was here I think I was writing about how Covid probably wasn't going to pan out to be much more than another Swine/Bird/Yadda Yadda flu, and boy oh boy, we all know how that turned out!... Continue Reading →

Amanda Takes a Minute

I drove to San Francisco for a book reading the other day. It was a Monday; I’d just gotten back from two nights in the cities - San Francisco AND Oakland - the afternoon before, and I was tired. I’d gotten up at 5am to work the 6am shift so I could get some hours... Continue Reading →

Ten Mediocre Confessions from 2017

1. I thought Lady Bird was...fine. I don’t know if I went into it with too many expectations from the hype, or maybe it was too much of a female-experience film to have gone with my boyfriend, or I just didn’t have similar enough teenage experiences with which to relate and re-live. I liked it.... Continue Reading →

When Princess Diana Dies

I realized, only just this morning, that I could die. I can’t say that this had never occurred to me before but, as a rule, this passing thought is followed by such dramatic and cartoonish images that a good shake of the head has always worked to send them away. I’ve had terribly violent and... Continue Reading →

Pardon the Dust

I'm super excited, although literally butt-hurt, because I've been sitting alllll damn day in my pretty new office, which is our old trailer, working on separating my website into two separate entities. One for the blog and general riff-raff, one for my 'professional' work. Both are still being tweaked and likely will be forever and... Continue Reading →

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