Pardon the Dust

I’m super excited, although literally butt-hurt, because I’ve been sitting alllll damn day in my pretty new office, which is our old trailer, working on separating my website into two separate entities. One for the blog and general riff-raff, one for my ‘professional’ work. Both are still being tweaked and likely will be forever and ever, amen, so I thought I’d apologize in advance for changing the look of this baby about a thousand times in the coming days.

Yesterday I had a really fun photo shoot with the incredibly talented photographer Suzanne Karp. This woman has magical powers and never fails to trick me into cracking a smile – right up to my eyes – when I’m trying to be all ‘hey look at me and how professional I am in my office, merrrrr’. For example, she makes me do shit like this:

I am very serious.

Which then leads to me doing this:

I laugh.

Obviously none of these have been photo-shopped yet because all of my flaws are still there. I might get in trouble for posting them here…but I know how to sweet-talk Suzanne so she’ll forgive me (get ready for a boob mash, lady!). Speaking of boobs, it took us a while to notice my rack trying to make its way out of my wonky shirt. I am a grown-up person, obviously.

I’ve also had huge help from Julie Ott, who even came to my house yesterday and patiently fixed everything directly after I broke it, and all day today has equally patiently listened to me cry and panic and ask stupid questions via email and text. It’s still listening when it’s email and text!

Trying to completely change/swap out web content is like playing a shell game. I’ve never been good at those. Since my oldschool friend Nayt hosts my online stuff, he did a lot of…I don’t even really know. Like, diverting one site to go to another site so people trying to go to one site won’t know that it doesn’t really exist at the moment and will be dazzled by…modern technology? I have no idea. Anyway. Whatever he did was really helpful toward me not having any dead air on my site.

So, you might notice that while this used to be, it is now Did you notice that? WERE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION ALL THIS TIME?! Uuuuuuugh you guys. Well now it’s different. The old Amanda Janik site is now the *new* Amanda Janik site, and it looks kind of like this (for now) :

Pretty sexy, right? I haven’t changed that photo yet, but I will. Probably. If you want to check it out, click RIGHT HERE.

And thank you in advance for being patient while I play around with the look of this one. You’re my favorite people!

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