It’s Me, Hi.

Goodness gracious, it’s been a minute. (Do the kids still say that? Or the adults, even?).

Last time I was here I think I was writing about how Covid probably wasn’t going to pan out to be much more than another Swine/Bird/Yadda Yadda flu, and boy oh boy, we all know how that turned out!

Hi, I'm fine!

I am here now not because my Writer’s Block 2019 edition suddenly faded into the depths of wherever bad things go to die, unfortunately. I am here, however, because as part of a very chill 5-day manifesting workshop (don’t even come at me, you know you do this woo shit sometimes too and like me you LOVE IT), today’s task was to take action on some goals, dreams, scary whatevers. I chose publishing something on my blog. And look! Here I am! Sure, first I had to dust it off and then figure out how to log into it, but, boom, taking action. I come to you in the moment, with no rough-draft, typing directly into the blog’s word processor thingy (what is this called? This place where we type? omg), no pre-thought out plan, no over-editing, just trying to check off this one of my 5 proclaimed actions so I can get in the sauna and read something fictional and satisfyingly dissociative.

I’d like to pause here and give a shoutout to Roy. I don’t know who you are, buddy, but you are the reason I took immediate action on this task first. Allow me to explain:

I wrote my list of intentions (I’ll include it below), one of which was to post on my old-ass, woefully ignored blog (Hi!). I copied the list so I could email it to myself for accountability, and when I opened up Gmail, there were two notifications that someone named Roy had liked two of my old blog posts. What?!

When I tell you that I have not looked at this blog since I wrote that goofy Covid post in the just-beforetimes, trust. So to post in a facebook group that I’m going to resurrect her today, then hop over to discover that someone not only read some posts, but took the time to ‘like’ them? I mean…how about this timing, huh? Roy has a blog also, which I discovered when WordPress suggested I look at it. Yummy recipes! Check it out! Tell Roy I said hi and thanks!

(I would also like to acknowledge that my sweetheart has been gently encouraging me/tasking me with picking up this blog/writing in general again for quite some time…but sometimes you just need a stranger’s encouragement to make you do things you’re scared to do, you know?)

So. Here it is: my accountability, taking action, getting shit done, vibing with the universe post. Next time, I’ll tell you all that you’ve missed in the past almost-3 years. Or…I’ll give you the highlights. Buckle up, babies!

Just kidding; there’s nothing too wild there. Just life.

And, as promised, here’s the list of things I told a bunch of strangers on the internet I’d do today:

1) Hire a book writing coach (maybe one of YOU do this?)

2) Publish a new blog post (if I can even remember how to log in to my dusty old blog!) DOING THAT NOW! I am amazing.

3) Call the comedian who said he’d be willing to work with me on a ‘comedy as trauma processing’ workshop for teenagers – book this workshop! Announce dates! Try to get local teens to actually see my social media so they can come to said workshop! (That last part is hard, ha),

4) *slightly* raise the nightly price of my back yard Airbnb (currently my only income), and 

5) Finally watch the Investing 101 workshop I signed up for LAST YEAR, never watched because I figured…why did I sign up for this when I don’t even have consistent income?!, and have had as an open tab on my laptop that entire time! Time to watch it, take notes, and close the tab.

Ok, let’s go!

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