I Am What a Wealthy Woman Looks Like

About twice a year, I find myself climbing a wave of positive mindset potential, and I try to ride it like I’m channeling Duke Kahanamoku on any average Tuesday.

These periods of self-exploration usually coincide with someone’s free 5-day workshop, and for some reason the leaders of said workshops are usually blonde and bubbly and cute. I don’t know why this works on me…?! In real life I am not swayed by cute bubbly blonde women, but I guess the internets know my inspo-type better than me because they keep sending me these ladies, and I keep watching their videos, doing the work, high-fiving the air and quietly whisper-shouting “yeah!” from time to time when something is especially inspiring. I don’t know, man; it’s weird.

This last 5-day workshop was by Denise Duffield-Thomas, an easy breezy Australian money mindset coach. I’d read one of her books in the past, and when I signed up for her workshop I ordered another, which I am reading now. The workshop is over; the book remains.

This morning I was catching up on the action items sprinkled throughout the chapters all willy-nilly (I HATE THIS! Who has a journal just sitting next to them while they’re reading a book, just in case? SHOW YOURSELVES!). I used my Morning Pages to work through a few of them, the final exercise being an assignment to think of and then write down what I imagine a wealthy person looks like. I have difficulty with visualization, but I got some snippets. Jeans (or any pants) that actually fit well; flowy yet somehow still flattering silk blouse. Shiny hair, glowy skin, a laugh at the ready, moving around with ease and comfort.

In short: this person can afford a personal chef/nutrition coach, personal shopper, weekly facials, massages, and blowouts (I don’t even know what that IS but I feel like it makes your hair look nice?), a housekeeper who comes nearly every day, and basically hireable people for All of The Things that get in her way of daintily and easily breezing throughout her days.

Next, we were instructed to go look in the mirror and say “This is what a wealthy _______ looks like.” I chose woman because it suits me best. I almost phoned it in by staying right where I was and saying it under my breath so Paulie wouldn’t hear me, but since I’m still riding this inspo wave I got up, went to the bathroom mirror, and had a look-see. I chuckled at what I saw: the exact opposite of what I’d just imagined. Sagging joggers, mismatched tee with a toothpaste blotch, baggy hoodie, hair in a ponytail, and face unwashed since my shower 2 days ago. Standard.

But then, I said the words while looking at myself: “This is what a wealthy woman looks like.” Oh! Something changed, and fast. I smiled as I said it again, because I realized it was true. Not that I have millions (yet!), but that there is no blueprint for what wealth looks like. I opened my hoodie wide to get a better look at myself. I turned my head to look at my sloppy ponytail. I turned to the side to look at myself from a different angle. I saw my cute lil’ back rolls and I saw my extra chins. With each new view I said it again, “This is what a wealthy woman looks like,” and I felt filled up with the absolutely simple and exciting fact of it’s truth.

I imagine if I had tried this exercise when I was not riding this woo hoo wave, my reaction would have been much different. But, who knows? I did it when I did it, and I’m surfing it into shore.

More soon on how I am planning to use this model in other ways as I *gulp* work on writing a book. In the meantime, will you try it, and let me know how it goes?

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