Money Flows to Me

Every so often the planets align (or something; I don’t know, I’m not a planetologist!) and I move into a woo phase, during which I become convinced that I can manifest all of my wildest dreams. Or, at least a bigger paycheck. If you’ve read any of my older musings you might remember something I wrote called Happiness, Health, Home, Love, Money. I am happy to report that I have achieved all of those things! Except the last one.

To be fair, things are better than they were back then. We have/I manage a little Airbnb in the back yard which pays the mortgage, allows me to be around to nag my kids 24/7, yadda yadda; it’s great. I am grateful. Also, my now-husband who makes a lot more money than me keeps using the phrase “our money” and while that is sweet, ya bitch been burned before and yes I am working on my issues around not being triggered by money stuff okay?! In short: I still feel more comfortable when I have money that I personally have made to put into “our” pot. So while yes, we also have a house in Hawaii, I pay the mortgage and bills for our mainland home, he pays for our Hawaii home, and this arrangement – which I stubbornly insisted on like a weirdo – makes me feel a lot less freaked out about the whole situation.

The most recent pic of our Hawaii house

This year’s woo phase was kicked off by an annual free 5-day workshop offered by Denise Duffield-Thomas, a mindset coach and mega-manifester from Australia who is cute af and has helped me work through some money blocks from way, way back I didn’t even realize I had. I enjoy making my way through her daily to-do’s and just overall immersing myself in the whole glorious lush abundance vibe.

During this time I can mostly suspend reality and ignore the fact that it seems as though all of the other women in the course are already offering things which they are trying to tweak and improve: life coaching, website design, tarot readings, closet organizing…bonafide businesses with actual clients. So, with an adorable but tiny, kitchenless Airbnb in the backyard during a record-breaking slow rental season (somehow even slower than Covid??), I find myself, once again, in need of a more traditional ‘job’.

Part of every money coach’s advice is to monetize what you love to do, are already doing all the time, or are really good at. So I took some time to think about what these things might be, and I came up with a list. Let me know what you think about these, and how much you want to pay me for them:

Professional “mmhmm”er: 30, 60, or 90 minute calls, in which you talk/rant/boo hoo about whatever you want, and I offer encouraging sounds, words, and short phrases, such as “no way,” or “ohmygod what?!”, for example. (Paulie can attest to my skills in this role, but he only pays me in sexiness so I’m ready to make some cash money on this one).

Possible offshoots: email receiver/responder, actual-letter reader/responder*

Reader: Remember those reading challenges in elementary school, from which one could win a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut? Be my Pizza Hut! In honor of this, the one thing I excelled at in school, I will read books and log what I’ve read. You choose a monetary amount per each reading goal reached in a month. No reviews, no frills, no actual pizza needed. Just reading. That’s it. Reading books. I AM SO GOOD AT THIS!!

Writer: Subscribe an amount of your choosing to receive whatever I write in a month. Basically…you’d just pay to get these posts which you get for free right now. Not fair, I know! But that’s business, baby!

Disclaimer: Quality content is in no way guaranteed, but there will be something for you to read, sporadically.

Side note before you suggest it: I did freelance writing for other people and publications for years and while I can do it, I found that I do not particularly enjoy doing it, so I left that one off the list.

Little Free Library tidier: This is a bit niche but if you have one, or know someone who does, stay with me. I will come to your LFL weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to tidy the mess left by yahoos who don’t search with reverence for the books, or who leave their donations all thrown in like who even cares?! My reference is my own very tidy and well-organized (by genre!) LFL.

These are all genius ideas please do not steal them until my patent comes through.

So, yeah…tell me in the comments if you love any of these, or if you have any other ideas for me! Waiting patiently…..

*If you want to send me an actual letter to respond to, send it and a check in the amount of your choice to: Amanda Janik, PO Box 4316, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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