I Am What a Wealthy Woman Looks Like

About twice a year, I find myself climbing a wave of positive mindset potential, and I try to ride it like I'm channeling Duke Kahanamoku on any average Tuesday. These periods of self-exploration usually coincide with someone's free 5-day workshop, and for some reason the leaders of said workshops are usually blonde and bubbly and... Continue Reading →

Money Flows to Me

Every so often the planets align (or something; I don't know, I'm not a planetologist!) and I move into a woo phase, during which I become convinced that I can manifest all of my wildest dreams. Or, at least a bigger paycheck. If you've read any of my older musings you might remember something I... Continue Reading →

So, To Recap

I promised you a recap of what I've been up to in the nearly 3 years I've been hanging out with the crickets, and I promised it wouldn't be very much. But I lied! So much has happened! When Covid started I was just starting to crawl out of a 2-year stage of introversion and... Continue Reading →

It’s Me, Hi.

Goodness gracious, it's been a minute. (Do the kids still say that? Or the adults, even?). Last time I was here I think I was writing about how Covid probably wasn't going to pan out to be much more than another Swine/Bird/Yadda Yadda flu, and boy oh boy, we all know how that turned out!... Continue Reading →

Southern Sojurn to The Sun

The entire time I was there, I kept asking myself: what am I doing in North Carolina? Over and over, in texts and emails to others, and in my own head, what the hell am I doing? Because there was barely a week between returning from Denver and flying off to Raleigh, I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

The March I Remembered Myself

In collaborating with a woman I sort-of know but would like to know better to start a Ladies & Money book club, I began reading our first book. I was nervous that I was starting too soon, as I am a very fast reader, and our meeting wasn’t for another twenty-two days. Coinciding with this... Continue Reading →

Amanda Takes a Minute

I drove to San Francisco for a book reading the other day. It was a Monday; I’d just gotten back from two nights in the cities - San Francisco AND Oakland - the afternoon before, and I was tired. I’d gotten up at 5am to work the 6am shift so I could get some hours... Continue Reading →

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