Out With the Old: 10 Confessions from 2015

1. I don’t like Adele’s new single, “Hello”. While vacationing on a very small island during the first week it was released, the song was so overplayed that it lost any memory-inducing or melancholic value it may have otherwise held for me. It’s just like nails on a chalkboard to me now.

2. Every year, I hide my kids’ Halloween candy and then put it into their Christmas stockings.

3. I don’t understand the attraction some people have for that Cumberbatch guy.

4. I preach water-saving. I collect water as I’m warming it up to do dishes then use that to water the plants. I turned off the irrigation and let plants die before their time. I drought-shame people with green lawns. I pour unfinished glasses of water I find around the house into a bigger vessel and then use that to, you guessed it, water the plants. I haven’t washed my car in almost two years. However I still take nice, long, hot, glorious showers. It is my favorite part of the whole day. It is my super-guilty pleasure.

5. To me, vaping is one of the most ridiculous-looking continuing trends I’ve seen in a long time. I mean, it’s right up there with the pants so low you can barely walk thing. (Sorry, people I know who do this.)

6. Chances are if you give me gifts for my kids but there’s no tag or they don’t know you well, I’ll take credit for it.

7. I didn’t loooooove the first Serial podcast, and I haven’t downloaded the second. I mean, I will. I just haven’t been in a hurry because I never got that urgent need to discuss Adnan’s case with my fellow listeners, which it seemed every single other person did. And, I have a bunch of Dear Sugar, Mortified and Ask Me Another‘s to catch up on, first.

8. If you invite me over any time during the holiday season and I bring you a host/ess gift, it is absolutely a re-gift.

9. Some people are naturally skilled at asking others about themselves. I am not one of those people. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who very recently returned from spending three weeks away from her family, friends, warm home and beautiful abundant life to travel to Lesvos, Greece in order to offer her services in any way needed to help the refugees arriving by the boat-full several times a day. It was only later that evening, when I told my boyfriend about our lunch and he asked me how her trip had gone, that I realized I hadn’t asked her about her time there, what her experience had been like, or basically anything about herself. I’d like to blame the Bloody Mary, but we all know I can have more than one of those before I start losing my social graces. As it turns out, I am just a terribly self-centered person.

10. Well…

I’m leaving number 10 blank, because the year isn’t quite over yet.


What do you have to confess?

2 thoughts on “Out With the Old: 10 Confessions from 2015

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  1. Not a confession so much as a general piece of information, but I am pretty sure that I got all your love for Cumberbatch as well as mine, and a whole lot of other peoples’ because that man is my JAM.


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