I am not in the giddy teenage bloom of my youth anymore, and in my own personal world of relationships I often find myself with the opportunity to say “this ain’t my first rodeo.” Because, you know, there have been a few rodeos in my life.

So to wake up in the morning, putter around a bit, then realize while making tea that hey, huh, I met Paulie two years ago today shouldn’t really call for any grand announcements or doe-eyed proclamations of love — especially considering the fact that the last time I said to him in all sincerity, “I love you,” he paused for a moment, looking at me with a little smile, then answered “am I supposed to say something sappy right now?”

No flapping banners, no shouting from the rooftops…but I do have this blog and what better way to sneak in a quick hey baby, I’m really glad I met you than through social media?

Paulie rolls his eyes when I say that when we met, for me, it was love at first sight. But come on, have you SEEN how handsome my boyfriend is?!

handsome paulie
Rugged Handsomness captured by Brian Howlett

You try spotting that face from across a warm winter coffee shop and tell me you wouldn’t be a goner, too.

So, to my sweetheart: Happy Not-Our-Anniversary since we never decided what day that should be, but it isn’t this day. Plus, there was that whole ‘break up‘ thing we tried for a couple of months before coming to our senses and getting back together. I’m really glad we did that. I mean, got back together. The other part sucked.

I’m so pleased to know you. I think you’re great – one of the greatest people I know – you’ve defined the word swoon for my heart, and (enter sappy sentiment here).

keep on keeping classy, hot stuff
keep on keeping classy, hot stuff



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