Made With Care

I have a new hat. It's mine. And I love it. A new friend made it for me, with her own two hands and a couple of knitting needles. When I say 'new friend' I mean that she and I recently met at a dinner party where, in the midst of our conversation she put her hand... Continue Reading →

The First Time I Saw the Ocean

The first time I ever saw the ocean, U2's The Joshua Tree was blasting from the speakers of Cole's '66 coffee-and-cream Mercedes. I was squatting in the passenger seat, perched on my toes so I could see better, singing along at the top of my lungs as we rounded a corner, and there it was... Continue Reading →

Ladies in the Bathroom

We were standing in line together, waiting for the bathroom. We started a conversation and we were mid-sentence, when the door opened. “Want to come in with me?” I asked. “Yeah. I’m on my period, you don’t mind do you?” I didn’t mind. She asked to go first. We kept talking, I averted my eyes.... Continue Reading →

Hanging Out With Dani Burlison

When I got a text from Dani inviting me over I felt flattered, as usual. It had been a while since she'd invited me to hang out - the last time had started out fine, but then I drank more than was perhaps necessary and had proceeded to talk about blowjobs for her teenage daughter's YouTube channel.... Continue Reading →

The Movie of my Life

Would the Movie of my Life start at the beginning? I know this is where things generally start but part of me wants to skip all of that: The parents splitting before I could remember; the brother always punching me in the gut and farting on my head; the hot-faced, self-protective lying and the spankings... Continue Reading →

Love, Love, Love.

I have been absolutely, unequivocally, mind-bogglingly overcome with love lately. Regardless of where I am in my life - physically, geographically or emotionally - it finds me. At work, driving home, sitting on the couch reading - it will gently roll up onto me and suddenly I'm filled with all-out kick ass Love. Love! Nothing... Continue Reading →

Serious Drinker

I have never been a serious drinker. Even now, I have a small, private feeling of pride that my go-to drink has become a jack & coke, with lime - a drink I converted to from my standard vodka & tonic after tasting it in the kisses of my lover during so many nights out, the smoky whiskey mixing... Continue Reading →

I Wrote a Will.

I have this neighbor. I like her. I think she's cool and she does interesting things that I'd like to know how to do, but I'm shy so instead of asking her how, I just get drunk and then text her about...I don't even know. She's very patient. One night we invited she and her... Continue Reading →

My Power Friend

Today is my birthday. As usual, I received a large box from my oldest and dearest friend, Jessica. In it, I found a wrapped gift with this disclaimer: About a year ago, Paulie and I broke up. Shortly after, I had a vivid and powerful dream about an elephant and Paulie. Rather than try to... Continue Reading →

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