My Power Friend

Today is my birthday. As usual, I received a large box from my oldest and dearest friend, Jessica. In it, I found a wrapped gift with this disclaimer: About a year ago, Paulie and I broke up. Shortly after, I had a vivid and powerful dream about an elephant and Paulie. Rather than try to... Continue Reading →

Tinkerbell, Uncaged

When I was 19 I lived alone in Kalamazoo, Michigan after a failed attempt to move to California. I'd gone out to a town called Moraga with my friend Heather, but left when she fell in love with a hair dresser from Malibu. She moved in with him, I moved back home, tail between my... Continue Reading →

Dinner with Ollie

During my last winter in Michigan, I hated people, with a passion. I wanted to be left alone. Until I didn't want to be alone, and then I visited my friends, joined in their parties, posed in pictures looking happy. One house I visited often was in the student ghetto of downtown Kalamazoo. My friend... Continue Reading →

My Compassionate Nature

Last Spring I was in Chicago, waiting for some tortilla soup ┬áin a little Mexican restaurant near my friend Nayt's apartment. It was my last night in town, and we'd had a mild disagreement, after which I told him that I loved him unconditionally, but was going out for something to eat. I initially sat... Continue Reading →

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