The March I Remembered Myself

In collaborating with a woman I sort-of know but would like to know better to start a Ladies & Money book club, I began reading our first book. I was nervous that I was starting too soon, as I am a very fast reader, and our meeting wasn’t for another twenty-two days. Coinciding with this... Continue Reading →

Made With Care

I have a new hat. It's mine. And I love it. A new friend made it for me, with her own two hands and a couple of knitting needles. When I say 'new friend' I mean that she and I recently met at a dinner party where, in the midst of our conversation she put her hand... Continue Reading →

Dispatch From The Island

The beautiful thing about being on vacation is the lack of guilt. Well, this vacation anyway. Some vacations aren't really all-consuming in their hazy sweaty sun-filled distractions and so guilt is allowed to creep in between the cracks, those moments or hours of downtime when you start to think about All Of The Things You... Continue Reading →

40 Days of Writing, Round…Something

The latest round of 40 Days of Writing began today. Once I remembered, I thought, again, what is with this timing? A writing challenge that begins shortly before Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas Eve. As in, the busiest time of the year. Although lately, (for years maybe?) it almost doesn't matter what major holidays or... Continue Reading →

The Stranger

I found myself recently spending the afternoon with a virtual stranger. Scratch that - she was a literal stranger, but a virtual ‘friend’. Despite my tendency to not accept friend requests on social media from people I don’t actually know, somehow this woman and I had become ‘friends’ and, somehow, then found ourselves sharing a... Continue Reading →

Clothing Dummy

Dress to make yourself feel good. I read the words in what was meant to be a sassy rebuttal to how society expects women to dress. I love the concept - wear whatever you want! Be confident! Fuck ‘em! Hard as I try, though, I haven't figured out how to do that: dress to make... Continue Reading →

The Happiest Girl in the World

I found my favorite orange sweater!!!! (So many exclamation points!!) Last night I was looking for a scarf to take on an overnight to San Francisco in case it got chilly because, well, it always gets chilly. I pulled one out that I hadn't worn for a while, and there it was: my orange sweater.... Continue Reading →

Dead Head

When I was 14 my dad took me, along with my older step-sister Erin, to see the Grateful Dead. He'd asked Erin if she could score some pot for the show, which she did. He then gave her a joint to share with me, having asked me beforehand if I'd ever smoked. I'd truthfully told him... Continue Reading →

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