Made With Care

I have a new hat. It's mine. And I love it. A new friend made it for me, with her own two hands and a couple of knitting needles. When I say 'new friend' I mean that she and I recently met at a dinner party where, in the midst of our conversation she put her hand... Continue Reading →

Politics at Large

I generally try to stay quiet about politics in any sort of public format, for no other reason than to avoid the crazies. So many people feel the need to shout about why their candidate of choice is the best, why yours is the worst, and why I’m a horrible person who deserves to have her... Continue Reading →

Better Than the Cause

I started my morning with coconut macaroons and Arcade Fire, after having spent the first two hours upon waking laying in bed, writing down my dream about finding a small book filled with polaroids of my son when he was young, and the people surrounding our lives at that time who loved him. I then... Continue Reading →

On the 10th Day of Wondering

According to the Period Tracker app on my phone, I was a week late. My cycle tends to adapt itself around when I’ll be going on vacation; I’m used to that. If expecting my period to start before a trip, I’ll instead bloat like an overfilled balloon left in the gutter during a rainstorm for a... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Text

Blah! I saw the text and it made me smile - I mean, really smile - in a way I realized later I don’t smile anymore. I guess there are smiles that feed on memory and history and no matter how good of a time you’re having, your smile will never reach the depths of... Continue Reading →

Go West, Young Girl

My mother told me to wear a baseball cap, so I would look like a boy. This was one of the many pieces of advice I took and then quickly abandoned on my drive to California from Kalamazoo. "If the truckers think you're a boy they won't try to trick you into stopping so they... Continue Reading →

Word to This Mother

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mother’s Day, now that it’s come and gone. I am just as selfish as the next overworked mom, and so secretly want to be fawned over on the two days in the entire year that are supposed to be about ‘me’ - aka my birthday and Mother’s Day -... Continue Reading →

The Movie of my Life

Would the Movie of my Life start at the beginning? I know this is where things generally start but part of me wants to skip all of that: The parents splitting before I could remember; the brother always punching me in the gut and farting on my head; the hot-faced, self-protective lying and the spankings... Continue Reading →

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