The Movie of my Life

Would the Movie of my Life start at the beginning? I know this is where things generally start but part of me wants to skip all of that: The parents splitting before I could remember; the brother always punching me in the gut and farting on my head; the hot-faced, self-protective lying and the spankings... Continue Reading →

The Accident

I once had a sweet little motorcycle. It was a gift from my friend Anders, who was an avid rider. I'd been depressed and was having a hard time making connections after my move from Michigan to Monterey, California. Anders called me up one day with a solution. "I think you need a motorcycle," he said.... Continue Reading →

During a Drive, A Moment

I love the taste of my hair after a day at the beach. I'd been trying to tame the flying strands of hair as they twisted around in the wind on the drive home. The windows were down to better experience the perfect, warm day - a day on which even if we had air conditioning, we'd shut it... Continue Reading →

Love, Love, Love.

I have been absolutely, unequivocally, mind-bogglingly overcome with love lately. Regardless of where I am in my life - physically, geographically or emotionally - it finds me. At work, driving home, sitting on the couch reading - it will gently roll up onto me and suddenly I'm filled with all-out kick ass Love. Love! Nothing... Continue Reading →

My Power Friend

Today is my birthday. As usual, I received a large box from my oldest and dearest friend, Jessica. In it, I found a wrapped gift with this disclaimer: About a year ago, Paulie and I broke up. Shortly after, I had a vivid and powerful dream about an elephant and Paulie. Rather than try to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hear it for The Boys

I recently stumbled upon the blog post "You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations."(which, in all fairness, you might want to just go ahead and click over there to read so that the rest of what I'm about to say makes more sense). It was written by Dan Pearce of Single Dad Laughing, and I've gotta say,... Continue Reading →

Table for One

If I ever own a restaurant, I'm going to name it 'Table for One'. I love eating alone. I also love going to the movies alone, sitting alone in a bar with a good book, going on walks, sitting on park benches, riding my bike lazily down the street, and any number of activities that... Continue Reading →

I Am a Badass

Don't ask me where, but I stumbled upon this book not too long ago. It is aptly titled You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero. First of all, you should know that I am an avid hater of any book with even the... Continue Reading →

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