Let’s Hear it for The Boys

I recently stumbled upon the blog post "You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations."(which, in all fairness, you might want to just go ahead and click over there to read so that the rest of what I'm about to say makes more sense). It was written by Dan Pearce of Single Dad Laughing, and I've gotta say,... Continue Reading →

The Good With the Bad

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." It's difficult for me to hold a grudge, but I make a few exceptions. Apologies go a long way with me. If you've hurt me, and acknowledge that you understand you've done so and say a simple "I'm sorry," then we... Continue Reading →

The Five Stages of Grief: Bargaining

I’ve never been good at bargaining. Asking for what I want instead of what is being offered has always made me feel uncomfortable, and guilty. We’d just finished an in-person argument, continued from an increasingly mud-slinging email argument. We’d sat out on my balcony with cocktails and a few seconds of small talk before we... Continue Reading →

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